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Welcome to our Wolrd Cup Predictions website. We are big fans of the World Cup, and soccer in general (Yes, we are from North America and call it soccer instead of football). We have decided to start up this World Cup prediction resource for fun, to post our predictions for the world to see.

We are big sports betting fans, and really enjoy betting on the World Cup. Most of our predictions will be based around betting on the matches, groups and the World Cup champions. If you have never tried placing wagers on the World Cup, I would suggest you do so for World Cup 2010. Placing some small wagers is a fun way to make the games more exciting! We have listed the best World Cup betting sites for anyone looking to place wagers on this years World Cup.

How good are our predictions? Well we have generally been winning bettors and have also made a profit from the World Cup. This is not to say we gaurantee we profit again this year, but if you follow our predictions and do your own research I am sure you can win some money as well.

Take a look around the site, and enjoy the FIFA World Cup 2010 articles we have posted. If you want to get a hold of us more to talk you can visit our Contact Us page where you will find an e-mail, which we usually respond to within 24 hours.